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"I have been going to Caribou Lodge for over 30 years. I have always found Norm to be welcoming and always ready to help with whatever I need. One time my boat motor developed a problem 10 miles out. Norm answered my call and was towing me in within 20 minutes, arranged for service and I was back on the water the same day. Speaking of being on the water the fishing is great for walleye, lake trout and pike. You just know when you step out on the large deck and look out over the lake (which is 20 feet from the deck) that you are in for an experience that you will cherish for a lifetime."

Bill McCallum
Southey Sk.

"Though I can’t speak to the hunting experience, it’s an annual rite of passage to go fishing at Norm’s lodge for my group of friends.  I honestly look forward to it from the moment I leave every year.  Norm is one of the hardest working guys I know and he simply goes out of his way each day to accommodate his guests, from long before you get up in the morning to way after you’re in bed.  Those lakes and that area are his back yard, to say nothing of the idyllic and serene landscape.  Whatever you want (to do), Norm will make it happen (within reason, of course).  The accommodations and equipment are perfect for your intended trip (you can literally fish off your deck) and if you lack for something, I can guarantee Norm will make it his personal mission to rectify it.  A must try for any hunter/fisher (just try not to plan around our trip time....ok?)."

Damien M.

"What can I say about the experience up at Norms other than a great host that goes out of his way to ensure that you have a once in a lifetime experience each time you come up. Pristine, uncluttered waters with all the amenities that you could ask for at the lodge. Where else can you catch 30” Lake Trout from a lawn chair in front of your cabin. Couple that with a host and staff that go out of their way to make sure you have a wonderful experience. I anticipate the next trip as soon as we leave."

Jim S.

"I've been to Canada with my good friend and hunting and fishing buddy previously and we both agree that this trip to Caribou Lodge Outfitters was our best trip by far. Although this was my first bear hunting experience, Norm took the time to prepare and advise me immediately upon my making my reservation. I had a clear idea of what to expect and what to look for as far as judging the size of a bear. After just two days and six sightings, I shot my first black bear. It was an exciting experience and the hide is beautiful. My friend encountered success the following day and we were set but not finished. We fished for the remainder of our trip and the fishing at Cranberry Lake was by far best I’d experienced in my three trips to Canada. We caught the biggest walleye and Northern Pike that I have seen. I wholeheartedly recommend this Lodge. As a matter of fact, I’ve already booked my trip for 2019. I’m looking forward to my return. Thank you for sharing your insight and experience Norm! See you in 2019!"

Dan from Indiana

"I have hunted and fished in Canada many time over the years, but never have I had such personalized treatment and service. Norm states, “come as a guest and leave as a friend.” He lives up to his words. Norm, my friend, and I got along like we were hunting and fishing buddies for years. The bear hunting was great. In three days between my buddy and me we saw eight bears and we each killed a bear. The fishing was the best I have ever experienced. We caught Walleye, Northern Pike, and Lake Trout. We can’t wait to go back in 2019! Thanks Norm."

Mike Gergely, Indiana

"Our adventures at Caribou Lodge began in the fall several years ago. The opportunity to catch large fish of many species became obvious on that first fall trip. Norm and his staff let us know what to do and where to do it. As the years went by we added a spring trip with the same great fishing opportunities and the same great advice and guidance from the crew at Caribou Lodge. For the past three years we have added a late season ice fishing trip to our schedule and it has become our favourite!

Now we are travelling from southern Saskatchewan to the wilds of northern Manitoba three times a year. Thanks to Norm we have learned the lakes and the techniques to catch big fish in each of the seasons.

I can’t say enough about the hospitality at Caribou Lodge. From our very first trip we were made to feel at home. Not being overly organized in those early days was not a problem. Many times Norm and his staff stepped in to save our trip because of our inexperience.

Caribou Lodge took a bunch of amateurs and turned us into fishermen. With so much water to explore we will be returning to Caribou Lodge for many years to come."

Darren Svedahl

Darcy Pike

"Caribou Lodge, best drive in lodge I’ve ever been to. I’ve been fishing for over 50 years and Caribou Lodge is the best fishing destination I’ve ever had the pleasure to visit. I’ve been going to Caribou Lodge for the past 10 years and look forward to the trip every year. The fishing is great having personally caught several Master Angler qualifying Walleye, Northern Pike and Lake Trout, while still managing to enjoy several meals of freshly caught fish. The scenery and wildlife sightings offer some of the finest wild kingdom entertainment. The cabins are comfortable and clean, while Norm and his crew tend to go the extra mile to ensure your comfort and experience the fishing trip of a lifetime."

Darcy Proulx
Regina Sk.

Darcy Pike

"Hi Norm,
Thanks again for everything last week. Darcy and I had a great time. When I talked to him today the first thing he said was "I wish I was at Cranberry". I've attached a picture of the Cranberry Sunrise from last fall.


"Greetings Norm,
My son Jackson and I have been coming up to Caribou Lodge Outfitters with Big Dawg for the past 9 years! We were lucky that he found you and your Lodge as we have been graced with 9 years of outstanding fishing and your wonderful hospitality and friendship! What is it that makes Caribou Lodge and your location so special:

  1. Outstanding fishing! You never know what you are bringing in once you have your hook in the water. From Master Angler Walleye to Lakers to Perch! No matter what time of year you fish there is the opportunity to hook a master angler.
  2. The area has outstanding natural beauty from the variety of birds to caribou that can be seen while fishing or tailgating at the cabin!
  3. Where else can you tailgate at your cabin and explore fossils on the shore?

And you don't stay at Caribou without encountering you and your friendly staff. If we need gas, bait, or a suggestion where to fish, what to use, and how to present, you are agreeable to assist. We look forward to your daily visit after returning from being out on the lake, sharing a beverage with us when you can and telling you of our daily adventure. We can tell by the familiar faces that we see every year that you have a strong relationship with your guests that makes them want to return every year! I know for Jackson and I we look forward to our trip every year, the beautiful scenery, the awesome fishing and your outstanding service and friendship! Spending quality time with amazing friends and family in such a pristine environment is a recipe for life long memories. Norm you are the “Best”, can’t wait to see you next year!"

Jackson and Rod Woren

Fishing Fishing Fishing

"I was first introduced to Norm and Caribou Lodge through an acquaintance in 2009. After a few phone calls we arranged for our first bear hunt at Caribou Lodge with our group of 3. Upon our arrival, we found a modern, comfortable and well-maintained lodge. It was immediately apparent that Norm was going to take great interest in our group and the success of our sporting endeavors. Norm is very knowledgeable about bear behavior and the areas that he hunts. That first year, everyone in our group harvested a nice bear after a few days of hunting. Multiple bears were on the baits every night and we enjoyed warm meals on our return, at the end of a long day. We also had the opportunity to enjoy fishing in the mornings and we quickly became fans of the mixed bag of game fish (lake trout, northern pike and walleye). The fish are very game and size skews larger than average compared to most other destinations that we have fished. Norm sat with us every morning and pinpointed spots and techniques for us to try on the maps. Using that information, we had enough fish for a shore lunch and a few extra for the filleting shack every day. After our first bear hunt, we returned the next year for another bear hunt. This time we came with our wives in tow. Our wives also became enamored with the lodge and lakes. They became quick friends with Norm and his family. We have been returning with the whole family, to fish and hunt at Caribou Lodge, every chance we get. We have had success in all seasons, on fish, feather and fur. Feel free to contact me if you are contemplating a trip to Caribou Lodge;"

Best Regards,
Travis Husby

"I just wanted to let you know how much fun my son and I had when we bear hunted with you last May! It was a life memory we will never forget. The time, the effort, and knowledge shared about bears and bear hunting are things we will never forget. The bears you put my son on were amazing. He still talks about it and shares his pics, videos and tales any chance he gets. I wanted to make a memory for him that he will never forget, and you ended up making one for me that a father will never forget. We each came home with bears and mine tipped the scales at 405lbs. The scenery, the atv rides, and baiting the sites are worth the price of admission. The fact that you get to see bears in action is the bonus. This is the 2nd time that we have been up to the lodge, and we truly love coming. The fishing was spectacular, and the bear hunting is unmatched. We went up there to get away from it all and we can back with life memories and a friend. We will see you in May and are counting the days."