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Manitoba Black Bear Hunting

What to expect | Hunting Area | Hunting | Baiting | Stands | What to Bring

Here’s what you can expect on your hunt for black bear:

  • Modern Accommodations
  • 5 day hunt with 6 night’s accommodations with an option to extend hunt
  • Option to fish trophy lakes if fishing season is open.
  • Full access to all facilities at the Lodge
  • Home cooked meals
  • Reliable equipment
  • Dedicated, professional bear hunting outfitter whose number one goal is to ensure hunter’s success while promoting safety, and respect for all game as well as the environment


Hunting Area

Our hunting area is roughly 360 square miles in northern Manitoba. As we are located in the Pre Cambrian Shield, our area is comprised of lakes, rivers, muskegs and rock outcrops. It only has one road that runs through it and has very little human activity. None - during the spring bear season. This area has had no hunting pressures in the last 5 years.


Trophy Black Bear Hunting

Hunters hunting the spring bear season are permitted to wear full camo clothing. Hunters hunting the fall bear season must wear regulation colors.

All hunters will be required to target shoot their weapons upon arrival at the Lodge. Please ensure you can shoot your weapon and hit your target before arriving at the Lodge.

We have hunting areas for the experienced and rugged trophy hunters as well as hunting areas for our more experienced and relaxed trophy hunters. We use game cameras in order to maximize hunter’s success in getting trophy animals. We will only hunt you - as hard as you want to hunt.



Baiting starts by snowmobile in late March or early April and continues through to the end of the hunting season. We use a variety of baits and the type is determined by our hunting areas, available natural foods and the season. We spend a lot of time and money on baiting and bait. We maintain a minimum of 3 active bait sites per hunter. We have bait sites that are accessible by boat, ATV’s and trucks, followed by a short walk.

All baiting is personally done by me (Norm Sancartier, owner & operator of Caribou Lodge Outfitters).



We use a combination of self climbing stands, ladder stands and tower stands.

Our ladder and tower stands vary from 12 to 15 feet in height. We even have large stands for father and son teams or husband and wife teams. All of our stands are of metal construction. Stand placement is done early in the spring and final location is determined by our guests' choice of weapons, predominant winds, sunset, natural cover, etc...

All hunters must bring and wear their own safety harness. NO EXCEPTIONS. Guides will not leave the site until our guests are harnessed in.


What to Bring

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  • I started coming to Cranberry in 1993, and have had some of the best times of my life while there. I have had the opportunity to hunt bear as well as fish in a place most people would not be able to imagine. The lakes the scenery, the wildlife and the people, it’s all amazing!
    Dan Bullock
  • Norm's knowledge and passion for Black Bear hunting is stunning. We had seen multiple bears at all bait sites.
    R.V. and Alisha Robertson
    High Plains Drift Inn, Colorado
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Remember the old indian saying...

An eagle will see the leaf fall

A deer will hear the leaf fall

But a bear will smell the leaf fall